Welcome to Highland Building Consultants

Highland Building Consultants, LLC is driven to providing reliable recommendations for cost effective energy solutions to our customers.  Whether it is new or existing single family home or other type of buildings, there is a service that can help you significantly reduce your utility costs. 

We also have experience with larger projects, such as commercial buildings, that need performance testing to pin point the problem.  Highland Building Consultants LLC can provide solutions to solve those problems as well.   Our high-performance testing equipment includes building tightness equipment, ventilation testing and infrared imaging.   Our expert technicians will provide solutions to solve the building issues and reduce your utility bills.

Our recommendations have to be realistic to help solve almost all types of building related issues.  We work with many different types of building professionals.  These include homeowners, builders, insulators, electricians, property maintenance managers, lawyers, insurance agents, and environmental governmental programs.

The 3 residential programs that can assist homeowners with energy conservation improvements are: Wisconsin Building America Initiative, Wisconsin ENERGY STAR Homes (for new construction), and Home Performance with ENERGY STAR (for existing homes).