New Construction

Highland Building Consultants, LLC works with homeowners, builders, and subcontractors to produce some of the most efficient homes in the country. By partnering with the Focus on Energy, we are able to prove the energy efficiency of each residence prior to construction. The process begins with evaluating the blueprint.

Blue Print Analysis

All residences are evaluated for the utility costs based off the blueprint. A computer model is made for the home, and utility costs can be broken down into many different categories. We can even get specific on where most of the energy is used in the home. If a homeowner or builder wants to improve the wall insulation, we will give an accurate cost savings for the upgrade. This will assist in identifying exactly what improvements will have the highest payback to the customer. We are able to analyze all components throughout the house.

Site Visits

Three site inspections are performed for home-owners. The first inspection is after the framing stage of construction. This site visit evaluates any potential problem areas with the shell of the home. Areas that need to be addressed will be outlined to ensure a well- built energy-efficient home.

The insulation inspection is needed to ensure all standards are met for the Focus on Energy New Homes Program. This site inspection also focuses on grading the quality of the installation of the insulation.

The final inspection is to prove the efficiency of the home. There are many homeowners and builders who state they build an energy-efficient home, but until you actually test the home, it is unverifiable. We believe performance testing is a key component of energy-efficient housing and should be done on every home.