Existing Homes

The Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program assists existing homeowners reduce the amount of energy used for heating, cooling and electrical consumption.  There are many benefits to home performance testing, which includes identifying problems throughout the home.

The first part of the evaluation is to identify any potential combustion safety issues.  This is vital for indoor air quality.  A visual inspection of the heating and water heating systems is conducted, as well as any necessary combustion safety testing.  Highland Building Consultants, LLC is concerned with measuring the draft pressure to ensure that exhaust gases are venting properly and measuring the carbon monoxide level in flue gases.

Second, a building tightness test is performed using a blower door.  The tightness of the home directly relates to the energy used to heat or cool a home.  Insulation values are inspected and a thorough analysis is completed.   Electrical load items are also included in the assessment.  Homeowners receive a written report listing the major areas that can be effectively improved, as well as a list of qualified contractors that can assist them with their improvements.

The Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program helps homeowners identify where their resources can be most effectively used prior to having any improvements made on their homes.  Far too often, homeowners remark on how they wished they had this testing performed before they made their improvements.  Highland Building Consultants, LLC will assist you in getting your home fix properly the first time.

With all the Rewards available through Focus on ENERGY, every homeowner should have a Home Performance Assessment completed on their home.  Click on the file below to see if you qualify on any rewards.

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