Infrared Imaging

Here is proof positive that a dog’s nose really is cold.  Blue shading represents colder temperatures.

This interior wall section was definitely connected to the attic.  The black streaking is attic air entering the building during the blower door test.  Under normal conditions, warm interior air can easily leave the building.  The comfort issue in this residence was the reason the homeowner decided to have a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR assessment.

The infrared camera can see what is happening with exterior walls and ceilings.  This image shows exactly where the insulation stops in the wall cavity.

Many penetrations in the ceiling are not easily identified without performance testing.  This tray ceiling had a gap around the entire perimeter.  A little more attention to detail will easily solve this issue.

This is another example of a lack of insulation in an exterior wall cavity.  This information will definitely help the insulator do a better job when they have to re-insulate these walls.

Almost all attic hatches are leaky in over 95% of the homes Highland Building Consultants, LLC inspect.  Warm air can escape to the exterior if they are not sealed properly.